Family Testimonials

Jenny Ip is a beloved dentist with a many happy patients. Here are just a few testimonials from over the years.

“Jenny made room in her schedule for my wife on Friday before New Years. She took very good care of her and also arranged for an appointment at an endodontist for a root canal on that same day. Everyone involved gets very high marks for both care and service. Thank you very much.”
~ Randy D.

“Great dentist. Little wait, friendly staff! Very reasonable prices and quality dental work!”
~ Omar M.

“I have seen Dr. Ip for several procedures, from cleanings to crowns. She has always made it easy for me to understand the process, and even show me what she sees. Her staff is always ready to help, and warm and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr. Jenny Ip.”
~ Clayton P.

“It was easy to get an appointment with the dentist. They were efficient, on-task, and the dentist explained every step of her work while it was being done. It was a pleasant dentist visit.”
~ Karen F.

“Dr. Ip is so friendly, and she really does care about what works for you and what is best for you. After having gone to dentists around the area that were overpriced and trying to oversell me on EVERYTHING, it was really great to come to Dr. Ip and talk to somebody who cared more about the well-being of my teeth!”
~ Michelle H.

“Dr. Ip is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She’s a keeper. She spent two hours cleaning my teeth. I usually go to the dentist on a regular basis so my teeth should have not been that dirty, but they were. My previous dentists spent thirty minutes, no more. She is also very gentle. It was the kind of cleaning where you could almost go to sleep.”
~ Patricia L.

“I couldn’t have asked for a more helpful experience! Everything was perfect. You guys are great!”
~ Sarah M.